About Us

Launched in November 2012, Parachute coincides with environmental issues.  The material is the same material used for parachute construction.  No furs or leather have been used.  No trees have been harmed.

Parachute bags can be used from work to play. Not only is it versatile, it’s convertible and financially sound. Parachute is an inclusive brand for all –  mother, boy, girl and man.

Parachute brand also embodies function.  Each bag converts to a different style depending on the occasion.  It can be used for school in the morning and a shopping tote at night.  It is practical for everyday use and for traveling. The women’s collection include backpacks transforming into shopping totes, body bags, maternity bags.  The men’s collection includes backpacks converted from belt bags and backpacks transforming into messenger bags.

Parachute is a lifestyle and fashion brand.  Fashion styles vary each season. It is constantly changing, setting trends. Parachute brand and attitude is the change to look forward to.  Parachute – the NIFTY, CLEVER BAG.